Q: Rsync, Batch: How to avoid the "password" ask ?

John Taylor john at fcs.uga.edu
Thu Jul 1 21:31:06 GMT 2004

On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 01:19:42PM -0600, Tim Conway wrote:
> rsync -av --delete "/cygdrive/c/Doc/backup/Desktop/MesFavories.rar" 
> bart2@%BSERVER%::backup_pa/current/bz/favories
> This tells rsync to connect with its internal transport to the rsyncd 
> running on (on the default port, 873), and place 
> /cygdrive/c/Doc/backup/Desktop/MesFavories.rar in the subdirectory 
> current/bz/favories in the module "backup_pa", i.e., 
> /mnt/hdc1/backup/current/bz/favories.  It connects with the rsync username 
> (no relation to any unix username - you made it point to "nobody", as does 
> "root") bart2, using the password "bart2" from the RSYNC_PASSWORD 
> environmental variable.  I am surprised it works using a mix of unix path 
> declarations and dos environmental declarations.  Since you're already in 
> cygwin, I'd just use pure sh, or if you must run it from the dos 
> environment, i.e. a bat file, I'd specify the windows side path in dos 
> style.

This is a nice tip about the password. I always did it this way:
echo my_password| rsync ...

which is different than
echo my_password | rsync ...

Notice the space before the pipe.  Windows sends the space as part of
the password, and thus sends an invalid password to rsync.


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