windows and log time with %t is not displayed

Brian brian at
Thu Jan 29 22:22:06 GMT 2004

I use the following log format on windows and Unix platforms:
from windows batch script:
--log-format="%%t [%%p] <recv<%USER_IP%<%USER%<%%f<%%l<%%b"
from unix bash script:
--log-format="%t [%p] <recv<${USER_IP}<${USER}<%f<%l<%b"

Here are examples of the log lines (on one line):
windows client:
2004/01/28  [2308] 
unix client:
2004/01/29 04:15:29 [38706] 

The windows is with rsync 2.6.0.
The unix clients are 2.5.6.

Why does the windows setup give only the date and not the time?


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