File rename detection?

Paul Slootman paul at
Thu Jan 29 09:56:30 GMT 2004

On Wed 28 Jan 2004, jw schultz wrote:
> Situations where blah.0 gets renamed to blah.1 seldom
> benefit from rename detection anyway because the cascading
> renames just make room for new files reusing the old names.
> Short of prioritizing file checksums ahead of names for
> finding unchanged files that is simply not going to be
> doable.  Rsync is only one reason why cascading renames are
> less than desireable.  Much better to use names with greater
> semantic content that remain fixed for the life of the
> object.

Yeah, I must find time to patch logrotate so that it can use a YYYYMMDD
extension instead of the 0, 1, 2, ... . That would help :-)

Paul Slootman

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