Change in reporting for --dry-run in 2.6.x

Phil Howard phil-rsync-2 at
Wed Jan 28 21:28:49 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 12:38:11PM -0500, Alberto Accomazzi wrote:

| I just noticed that there is an extra blank line in the output generated 
| by rsync when the --dry-run (-n) flag is used.  This seems to have 
| started with 2.6.0.  Is this desired?  The reason why I'm asking is 
| because I use scripts that parse the output from rsync and little 
| modifications in verbosity can make or break things easily.

While I understand your concern, the design of programs like rsync is for
humans to read the results, not for machines.

That said, I think it might be nice for there to be an option to specify
a filename to store final status information in that is orthogonal to
any human readable verbosity.  The format of that status should be easy
for parsing to be applied, perhaps in "name=value" format, one per line.


However, this would be a lot of work for the rsync developers for not a lot
of gain, so I don't think it would likely be adopted.  Maybe you can write
a patch for it.  I might if I get the time.

When I run rsync, I do like to be able to run in via screen or a headless
virtual console, where I can spy on the current running any time I want.
Adding the ability to have a script extract that info, while still being
able to see normal stdout and stderr output, would be good.

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