rlbackup 2.11 released

John Bowman bowman at math.ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 28 15:54:45 GMT 2004

I've just released Version 2.11 of rlbackup:


which provides a simple secure rsync-based mechanism for generating and
recovering linked backups over the network, with historical pruning.

Here are the main recent changes:

Tue Jan 28 2004 Version 2.11 <bowman at math.ualberta.ca>
	The read-only filesystems are now associated with a single loopback
	device (specified by LOODEV in Makefile) and are no longer written
	to /etc/mtab. BINFS has been renamed /usr/local/bin/rlbackup.ext2
	rlbackup now uses flock to wait for any outstanding rlrecover or
	rlbackup processes before proceeding (instead of simply failing).

Tue Jan 20 2004 Version 2.10 <bowman at math.ualberta.ca>
        Ignore new exit code 24 from rsync version 2.6.0 (due to vanished
	source files).

-- John Bowman

University of Alberta


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