Rsync problem / Special characters

Paul Slootman paul at
Fri Jan 23 20:19:39 GMT 2004

On Fri 23 Jan 2004, Nic Colledge wrote:

> Are you rsync-ing with a mounted samba directory (using mount -t smbfs
> ...)? 
> Because I'm having a problem similar to this one with filenames with
> special characters.

Filenames is a different "problem" than the contents of the files.

> > The problem have been found when trying to transferr mySQL databases and
> > some other files like mail etc through rsync.
> > Every "non-us" character is not transferred correct, but replaced with
> > other
> > characters like a square, pundsign etc.

I can hardly imagine that rsync is at fault; rsync does not treat the
contents of the files it copies specially. If it did, it would be
impossible to transfer e.g. jpg images or compressed data.

> Both computers are configured with the Norwegian (NO) keymap.

I think more (much more) detail is needed here. What versions rsync,
what operating systems, etc.

Paul Slootman

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