Rsync problem / Special characters

Spear spear at
Fri Jan 23 16:38:12 GMT 2004


I have not esatblished a working rsync config on my server, but have found
one major problem in which i hope there is a solution to.

I'm based in Norway, with scandinavian clients. Of course we use several
"special characters" in our keymap, which is not supported in US keyboards
I  know there is a better word for this, unfortunatly i can't remeber it, so
i hope you get my point.

The problem have been found when trying to transferr mySQL databases and
some other files like mail etc through rsync.
Every "non-us" character is not transferred correct, but replaced with other
characters like a square, pundsign etc.
Is there a "workaround" to this problem, or will i have to move these files

Both computers are configured with the Norwegian (NO) keymap.

Best regards,
Terje Dahl

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