Cygwin hang-problem resolved

Mark Weaver mark at
Thu Jan 22 18:13:05 GMT 2004

Not for me!  I'm using cygwin-1.5.6-1, with rsync 2.5.7-2 (as reported by
cygcheck -s).  I've also tried with rsync-1.4.0 (as someone reported that
worked), and rsync-2.6.0, both built from source.  I get a 100% reliable
hang after the first 0-128k of the first file.  Command looks like:

rsync -e ssh -ar sparky:"/cygdrive/c/www\ sites/" /cygdrive/c/wwwsites

The directory tree comes across, then the first file stops the transfer.
Killing the client end always leaves the process running on the server.
ssh/sftp both seem fine.  All disks involved are local (not network mounted

Any ideas what the bug was/how to see where it is getting stuck?  I'm more
than willing to build/poke around with gdb if someone points me in the right



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