Moving linux server with rsync

Steve Sills steve at
Thu Jan 22 16:44:32 GMT 2004

You can setup the server to use a public key, then no password is 
required.  Try this link, its a tutorial on how to do it.

Hope this helps.


Spear wrote:

> Jw,
> Thank you so much for your reply. The commandline:
> rsync -avH --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh /www/kunder/web/ MYHOST:/www/kunder/web
> Solved all of my problems, and I'm now much closer to completing a servermove. I however have one last question.
> When enetring the above command, I'm asked to type the SSH password to start the transferr. Is there any way to include
> this in the above mentioned commandline? This way i can run everything thourgh a cron job. I'm guessing this should be easy,
> but I'm not sure how to go about doing this.
> Best regards, Terje Dahl
> Norway

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