rsync 2.6.0 - suspected memory leak bug

Kelly Garrett kelly.garrett at
Wed Jan 21 18:09:27 GMT 2004

Jim Salter <jim <at>> writes:

> What kernel are you using, and if it's not at least 2.4.x, have you 
> considered simply trying a newer kernel?
> > Jim Salter <jim <at>> writes:
> > 
> > 
> >>IANALG (I Am Not A Linux Guy - FreeBSD is my *nix of choice), but could 
> >>this possibly be related to the mem:remap Linux kernel bug that was 
> >>recently discovered?
> >>
> >>Jim Salter

We are running Red Hat 8 with the latest errata kernel (2.4.20-28smp) and the 
latest updates from HP for RH8.  From what I understand from Red Hat, this is 
the very last errata from them for RH8...period.  We can't run our application 
with the latest versions of Red Hat, yet, and do not expect it to be able to 
run on that platfrom until way after we have to roll this into production.   
Unless I can find a way to get rid of this kernel panic problem we will have to 
go with Sun, and forget about any production Linux boxes.

It is a little frustrating.  If we have a prob with our Sun OS, we contact Sun, 
tell them what is going on, and they fix it or give us a way around it (tell us 
what we are doing wrong, etc.).  Can't do that with Linux...bummer.

Thanks for your input.  All replies have been very helpful.



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