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On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 02:35:38AM -0800, preetha thomas wrote:
> Greetings!!
>            I am a college student doing my Masters Of Computer Applications.Towards the completion of my project I have undertaken a project in BIOINFORMATICS in the School of BIOTECHNOLOGY.Madurai Kamaraj University.
> I am trying to use rsync to download the protien structures from the FTP archieve of PDB.I have rsync installed in my system and I have the address of the remote server I want it downloaded from.I have the script to download the archive.But when I run the script (sh it does not seem to run,neither does it show any error.I am totally lost.I wanna know if i have to do anything else for the successful running of the program.Kindly clear me on it at the earliest.
> Preetha Thomas

There are so many things that may be wrong i couldn't begin
to start.  Perhaps one of your faculty advisors or an
undergrad could help you.  They would have some idea what
the script is supposed to do and what might be
wrong with your machine, the network or the server

I'm sorry to see your university's computing "masters"
programs are compairable with too many here in the US.  I do
wonder what a "master of computer applications" is supposed
to be capable of if he cannot even debug simple scripts and
netorking.  Perhaps getting it to work is part of the
exercise.  You might consider this a wake-up call.

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