Rsync and Tar

Steve Sills steve at
Tue Jan 20 02:55:30 GMT 2004

I wasn't trying to "reinvent the wheel" I was just trying to see if 
anyone had done this.  Your answer helped, so thankyou, but try not to 
be so snarkey in the future, most people including myself to look things 
up before we post on a mailing list.


jw schultz wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 03:56:40PM -0700, Steve Sills wrote:
>>	I am trying to setup a backup system.  What I would like to do is 
>>	have rsync create a tar file as it downloads (to save space) and just have 
>>it update that tar file.  Can rsync create a archive on the fly, or does 
>>this have to be done after its finished its transfer?  I would also like 
> No.  You might want to look at what rsync does or "how rsync
> works".
>>to have rsync report its transfer stat to a MYSQL database for billing 
>>purposes, on a per client basis.  Can this be done?
> What you do with the stats in a post-processing script
> is up to you.  
> Instead of reinventing the wheel you might what to take a
> look at dirvish and other existing free backup systems that
> use rsync to get the most out of bandwidth and disk space.

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