rsync on Interix WSU 3.5

darren dkruse at
Tue Jan 20 01:35:55 GMT 2004

I'm need to run a rsync server on a Quad 2.8Ghz , 1Gb RAM, 1Terabyte of
disk.. Dell 725N - it's a storage, NAS type box running W2K, RAID 5
etc.. A real beast.. :-)

The Unix guys want to backup their boxes to this beast using rsync

It would seem that Windows Services for Unix (WSU) is the key.. Current
version gives me a fully compliant POSIX environment, not reliant on
cygwin.dll (I've noted Mike's page with rsync binaries for cygwin ) - although this would probably
work .. compared to native WSU performance.. the performance would
probably lack compared to a native build running directly on WSU.. 

I've googled, searched the rsync mailing list and looked thru the WSU
3.5 docs - no mention of running rsync under WSU or Interix. 300+
applications are bundled - but no rsync - bugger.

So, before I launch into rsync source code, gcc, compiler flags , path
issues and god knows what else.. has anyone else tried this ?


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