daemon mode - local to server sync failing

Jason delaFuente jason.delafuente at gbe.com
Mon Jan 19 17:43:15 GMT 2004

I have an rsync server running on nodeA and a client, nodeB.
I am attempting to do a sync/copy from the local machine, nodeB, to the rsync server, nodeA.

The following line from the rsync man page makes it look like this is relatively simple:

for copying from the local machine to a remote rsync server. This is invoked when the destination path contains a :: separator or a rsync:// URL. 

I have setup the following entry in my rsyncd.conf file on my server:
     path = /rsync/clientdata

I have the following directory setup on my client:

I run the following command on the client, nodeB:
rsync -vvvvv --port=1477 /rsync/client/scriptoutput/* nodeA::clientdata

and get the following output:
opening tcp connection to nodeA port 1477
expand file_list to 4000 bytes, did move
[64950] i=0 <NULL> TEST mode=0100644 len=0
[64950] i=1 <NULL> TEST3 mode=0100644 len=0
send_file_list done
file list sent
send_files starting
rsync: read error: Connection reset by peer
_exit_cleanup(code=12, file=io.c, line=177): entered
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(177)
_exit_cleanup(code=12, file=io.c, line=177): about to call exit(12)

I am relatively new to rsync so maybe I am missing someting really simple.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. 


Jason de la Fuente

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