2.6.0 backwards compatibility

Chuck Wolber chuckw at quantumlinux.com
Thu Jan 15 18:16:29 GMT 2004

> I saw on the Release notes that 2.6.0 is using protocol version 27 which
> is different than 2.5.7 and 2.5.6.  I did a quick peak through the rest
> of the release notes and quickly browsed the archives on the list and I
> didn't see any notes on how well 2.6.0 works with older versions of
> rsync.  At our site, we do have 2.5.7 and 2.5.6 installed.  Are there
> any documented problems when using 2.6.0 with a down revved version on
> another system?

It depends on how far down revved you are talking about. If I'm not
mistaken, they stopped support for protocol version 19 and below. This
would only affect you if you were using a version of rsync that was older 
than (going out on a limb here) 5 or so years old.


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