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I want to mirror a samba server (smb0) to a identical server (smb1) in 
my internal network. So far I can managed to do this from client (smb1),

rsync -e ssh -auzpg /home
rsync -e ssh -auzpg /srv

I would like to automate this task without entering root password. But 
I'm little confused. Should I setup rsyncd.conf from the server and 
setuid/setgid for access? Then initiate connection from client with 
above commands using CRON?



That's one way. You could also do it with an expect script (use
autoexpect), or you can tell your SSH server to authenticate with an SSH
key. If you do it that way, you won't be prompted for a password. It's
what I do for all of my remote servers. 

-John Davis

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