comparing 2 in rsync

Johan johansche at
Sun Jan 11 07:45:14 GMT 2004

Is there a sure way to test 2 cd's if they are true copies in rsync.
I have tried this...
rsync -avv /mnt/cdrom/ /mnt/cdrom2
result....quite shotened...

misc/rpm2header is uptodate
pkg-9.2-FiveStar-download-i586.idx is uptodate

total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=0
wrote 65301 bytes  read 20 bytes  1789.62 bytes/sec
total size is 679261427  speedup is 10398.82
Is there a better command line with better options.
Will the result be true.
How will I know if something is wrong?
Rsync was probably not intended for this BUT may be used??
Some input would be appreciated please.
Just a thought.
May this be a good day for learning
Registered Linux User #330034 - still learning

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