rsync performance question Part II

Rick Frerichs rick at
Fri Jan 9 19:10:23 GMT 2004


I have more info on my specific problem.

pop 1)  RedHat 7.3,   fs1  fs3
pop 2)  BSD/OS 4.3.1  www files
rsync  version 2.6.0  protocol version 27

fs1   --> fs3   500kB/s
fs1   <-- fs3   420kB/s
fs1   --> www    20kB/s
fs1   <-- www    20kB/s
files --> www  2.9 MB/s
files <-- www  4,4 Mb/s

This shows that within their own networks, there is no
problem.  It is only between the two pops.  The machines
have a enough RAM and speed.  I always keep enough RAM
so that it never has to swap.  The times are for a single
10 MB file.  I have tried with and without the -a option
and that doesn't seem to make a difference.  I would be
surprised if it did.  The interface on the RedHat side
is set to 10 Mbps FD.  The interface on the BSD side is
100Mbps FD.  The Redhat pop gives you a 10 Mbps link and
you can use as much as you can get.  There is no limit on
the BSD side.  That is probably the reason that the transfer
rates between fs1 and fs3 are somewhat lower than files and
www.  rsh is the shell, not ssh yet.  The lav on the machines
is less than 0.05.

There is an external firewall (pop main cisco router) on the
BSD side. These are the generic args:

  permit icmp any any echo
  permit tcp any any established
  permit udp any eq domain any
  permit udp any eq ntp any

Specific args:

  permit tcp any gt 1023 host gt 1023
  permit tcp any host eq www
  permit tcp any host eq 443
  permit tcp any gt 1023 host eq ftp
  permit tcp any gt 1023 host eq ftp-data

Thank you for reading this,

ps. mirror... 8-)

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