[patch] making rsync less verbose

Dick Streefland dick.streefland at altium.nl
Thu Jan 8 11:22:40 GMT 2004

On Thursday 2004-01-08 02:38, Wayne Davison wrote:
| I think I favor the current approach for the default -v output.  If you
| just want to see the filenames, that seems like it should be a separate
| option.  Perhaps using the suggested -s to mean "show me the file names"?
| That's my opinion, anyway.

Yes, that is another possibility. In most cases, I either want to see
nothing but error messages, or I want to see just the list of files that
are updated. It's fine with me to use a new option (-s or perhaps -f)
instead of -v to achieve that.

However, when you use the -n option, the verbose level is forced to 1,
which means that you get the extra lines, including the speedup report,
although that is not particulary useful in this case. So, -n should
implicitely set this new "show me the file names" option, instead of
enabling -v.

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