Copying hard-linked tree structure

Max Kipness mkipness at
Wed Jan 7 19:56:49 GMT 2004

> I have a tree structure on one server similar to the following:
> /Current
> /01-04-2003
> /01-03-2003
> etc...
> /Current holds the most recent rsynced data, and the date 
> directories are created with cp -al on a daily basis so they 
> are hard-linked. I'm going back 60 days.
> The question is how can I move this entire structure to a new 
> server and preserve the links from the date directories to 
> the /Current directory?

Well, I ended up rsyncing the root directory to the new server with the
-H option and it seemed to work. I have 30 directories for 30 days of
rotating backups.

However, I had a dir called /Current that had 12Gbs and then all the
/date directories had 120mb, 60mb, etc...the daily changes that
occurred. Well now the directory called /01-01-2004 has 12Gb and
/Current has like 100mb. I guess /01-01-2004 went first do to sorting.

Anyway to change /Current back as the real directory? Or does it even


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