Problem with many files in rsync server directory ?

Carson Gaspar carson at
Wed Jan 7 19:05:49 GMT 2004

--On Wednesday, January 07, 2004 03:10:23 -0800 jw schultz <jw at> 

> I've lost track of the number of times someone has
> complained on this list because blah/blah/* didn't behave as
> he expected and the problem went away when he dropped the
> unnecessary wildcard.

Hmmm... given the following files:


how do you do "rsync foo/* bar" without globs? Note that this is _not_ 
recursive. All I can think of is to replace the glob with an exclude, doing 
"rsync -r --exclude='*/*' foo/ bar/", which is an absolutely terrible 
construct (please recurse - whoops, just kidding!).

Hmmm... using bash, you can do "rsync --files-from=<(find foo/. -maxdepth 1 
! -type d -printf '%P\n') foo bar/", but that's also wretched.


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