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Tue Jan 6 18:11:39 GMT 2004


I regret this informal way of contacting you which I believe would be most effective with regards to the Message I intend to bring to your notice. It is imperative that I adopt this means of communication to safeguard my interest and guarantee that secrecy is not compromised.

I am one of the wives of Nikola Sainovic one of the gentlemen that was indicted at the Hague war crimes tribunal in Hague.first of all i would want you to know that the indictment was politically motivated as a package the western world has provided Yogoslavia at a closer look you will find that my husband is completely innocent of what he has been accused of.The government has been after my family ever since.  Everything owned by my husband was destroyed and assets confiscated.  My life and that of my three children are not spared and we have to run away into Macedonia for the safety of our life where we presently live as refugees in a camp called Neprosteno camp, northern Macedonia under an assumed name.The situation in the camp right now is very terrible and my children are falling sick everyday this has made come to this desperate decision to act now.

I have in my possession documents containing details of my husband’s transactions on behalf of the Yugoslavian government,Slobodan and my husband had kept some funds ,US$32Million (Thirty-two Million United States Dollars Only),in cash to enable them take care of rebel problems. However, now the country they protected has turned against them.This funds were deposited by my husband in the vault of one Security Company with no names used except Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and Certificate of Deposit which was used to secure the money.The knowledge of this funds is only known to me and my husband becuase i was with him when the funds were deposited he now left the documents in my care in case  of an emergency or  anything should happen to him.I  believe the time is now right to make this move.

Can you help? Are you capable of handling funds? Are you trustworthy? If you are capable of assisting us in realising this transaction, write me  for more information.  I am also ready to offer reasonable commission to you as will be agreed upon as i do not want my children to die like this.

I do not need to remind you of the absolute confidentiality and secrecy required in this business.

Best regards.

MRS Isadora Sainovic

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