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Accept my apologies for writing to you in this mode for it might be of inconvenience to you but it is necessitated by my innermost desire to seek your assistance in a business that requires high confidentiality, honesty, trust immediate attention. Please forgive me for I know that this letter comes to you as a surprise due to the fact that we do not know each other in person, but I must confess my agitation is real, and my word is my bond, in this proposal.

I am DR EWDARD TAYLOR, the younger brother to PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR, the deposed president of LIBERIA. President TAYLOR recently stepped down as the President of Liberia. He has resigned and sought for asylum in a neighboring country due to pressures mounted on him by the International Community especially the UN. He resigned as President in order to give peace a chance in our country Liberia. My brother fought all his life for the well being of Liberians but has never been appreciated due to the multi tribal nature of our country. Also rebels from the neighboring tribes have fought the ruling government of my brother to the point where it has become impossible to maintain peace and tranquility. It might also interest you to know that at the moment war is going on in my country, which actually led to his stepping down and flying over to Nigeria for asylum. 

Recently the president, MR CHARLES TAYLOR, gave conditions for his retirement and signed agreement at least to justify his innocence. Moreover he gave the condition that an internationally supported peacekeeping force must be launched in Liberia before he goes into asylum. He gave this condition because we had an underground plan of moving our families and fund out of Liberia to other countries where it could not be traced also we can secretly invest the fund in a profitable and peaceful venture. At the moment we are in Nigeria where we can have security and peace of mind with the rest of our family including my brother and the family.

I am writing you because while I left Liberia, I stocked the sum of $36,800,000.00USD (Thirty six million eight hundred thousand United States Dollars) in a privately owned security here in Nigeria pending when I get an assistance/investor to assist me secure and invest this money. This money was given to me by my brother PRESIDENT TAYLOR to buy military arms and ammunitions from our South African allies. These ammunitions were meant to be used to curtail the insurgence of rebel forces into the capital city of Monrovia. But while I was still negotiating for the purchase of these arms, my brother was directly/indirectly forced to resign as the President, immediately he instructed I stop the arrangement for purchase of ammunitions but rather a reliable partner that will assist me to transfer this money to a foreign account for my personal use. 

As I told you the money is currently deposited in a private security/Deposit Company here in Nigeria as classified consignment. This means that the security company does not know the real contents of this consignment. I simply deposited the money as diplomatic valuables to avoid the security/deposit company from interfering with the money. 

I shall want you to help me transfer this money overseas because I cannot take on this project alone. I am fed up with disorganization and political instabilities of this continent thus I want to relocate my fund and my family to an oversea country where peace, security, political stability as well as financial consistency are all guaranteed. You will be given a commission for your assistance and this and other details of this transactions will be discussed when I receive your reply indicating your interest and readiness to assist me. I must also assure you that this transaction is totally legal and bears no risk whatsoever now or in the future.

I have all the documents covering this money which I can send you if you desire. ALL I ASK OF YOU ARE TRUST AND CONFIDENTIALITY. You are therefore to contact me immediately with the contact details provided above to discuss further details regarding this transaction.

Thanks as I look forward to immediate response.

Yours sincerely


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