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Sun Jan 4 23:01:44 GMT 2004

2000) into dos, and with your boot disk, read the share listing of machine A  
from a linux box and mount it, and the rsync the whole drive if shared (say 
c:\ with c:\winnt and all the good stuff). 

Though, i still could NOT actually restore this 'mirror' image like i could a 
'mirror' image of a linux root??

So, ultimately, there is no reason to even waste the hard-drive space on the 
backup server by rsyncing the whole drive. I should just have a policy or 
something that 'all users' put a list of important data into this folder (or 
these folders) and run a backup against those folders? Or hmmm... I'll come 
up with something better than that. :-)

> For Samba users, MS's DOS Network Client has a max send buffer of 2048, and
> the value is set in TCPUTILS.INI as maxsendsize=2048.  This is the limit!
> Any value greater than 2048 will cause the client to default to 1024.
> You'll want to set SO_RCVBUF=2048 in your smb.conf or performance will
> suffer.  If you are not regularly uploading from DOS, then don't worry.
> As far as not using ghost, I've investigated the use of device copying, but
> ease of use is a major selling point for ghost.
> Options commonly needed for making a ghost image of NTFS are "-ntil" and
> "-ntic" which ignore various check done for NT.
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> On 12/18/02 at 9:59 AM Donovan Baarda wrote:
> >On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 21:13, John Morgan Salomon wrote:
> >> Dr. Poo wrote:
> >> > Now, can you think of a way to sync the win 2000 OS? (the WHOLE
> >
> >flippin'
> >
> >> > system) so that if it were to go down one could restore the full
> >
> >installation
> >
> >> > (bootstraps, bootloader, ect!!?) by means of the rsync'ed "backup".
> >> > please? thank you. ;-)
> >>
> >> Yeah.  Symantec Ghost.
> >
> >Seriously, Ghost is probably the only tool that can do this well at the
> >moment. If you have used NTFS, there is bugger all that can read it, and
> >win2000/NT itself can't even read all of the partition it is running on.
> >
> >I read a review of Ghost that complained that backups/restores actually
> >boot you into DOS to run. This is because win2000/NT locks certain OS
> >files when running. Ghost _has_ to boot into DOS and then use its own
> >NTFS read/write code to access the partition.
> >
> >In theory you could build a similar utility from Linux, but the Linux
> >NTFS read/write code is a bit dodgey. I've even had older versions of
> >Ghost complain because it couldn't always read the NTFS partition
> >(something to do with NTFS internally... sometimes it does/doesn't use
> >some sort of weird compaction or something).
> >
> >The best non-Ghost alternative is to just rsync the whole damn
> >partition.

It is..? That what i figured... but again, what good does that do?

By the way, if anyone is familiar with this practice of mirroring a whole 
system, linux specifically (Red Hat 7.2 even more specifically), what files 
should i watch out for when testing a restore onto a different box than the 
source, when the source is still on-line. I'm asking mainly about files that 
must be unique, like ip and host information files.

I've just run across an application called Mondo, that makes an image of any 
linux partitian or other file-structure (i believe), has anyone used this? or 
anything simliar too it.

How about kasper?

Any others? 

	Thanks a bundle! All advice is truely appreciated...
		I'm just beginning to develop in this world....
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