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Sun Jan 4 23:01:44 GMT 2004

When transferring filesystems without large g-zipped files, the rsync
process would reach its completion:
building file list ... done
wrote 100 bytes read 36 bytes 358.00 bytes/sec
total size is 51 speedup is 0.28

In the case of transferring those large g-zipped files, it hangs in the
midst of the transfer or even at the end of the transfer, giving no
indication whatsoever if rsync had successfully copied those files across. 

The rsync version which I running is 
# /usr/bin/rsync --version 
rsync version  2.4.6 protocol version 24

I'm running the mentioned version of rsync on the following platforms: 
Linux RPM 7.1 
HP-UX 11.00 (OS version level: E, OS release level B.11.00)  
IBM AIX (release 3, OS version 4).

Those g-zipped files were compressed using gzip version 1.2.4(18 Aug 93),
and with the following method:
# cat dir1 dir2 dir3 ... | gzip > archives.gz

I was wondering if there is a work-around to overcome this problem which I'm
facing? Are there any switches in rsync or scripts which I need to implement
to solve this glitch?


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