remote files not being deleted

Trey Nolen tnolen at
Thu Feb 26 02:36:26 GMT 2004

I've got an issue with remote files being deleted after the local file has
been deleted. For some reason, this isn't happening.  I'm running rsync
2.5.6 protocol 26 (yes, I know there are newer versions, but logistics
dictates that I can't upgrade right now).  I have used
the --delete, --delete-after, and --ignore-errors options in all sorts of

An example of the calling command follows:
rsync -avR -e
sh --numeric-ids --delete --progress  --delete-after--ignore-errors --exclud
e /proc/ / root at backupserver:/

OK, the weird part is that it will delete files if I do a relatively small
part of the file system (say /root/ for instance).  I'm not sure what the
limit is on where it quits working.  Is this something that's been seen
before? I looked through the archives but didn't find anything relating to

Any suggestions?  I guess I could run multiple jobs and do each directory
separately, but that is less than optimal.  This is occurring on SEVERAL
computers.  The client and server side are both Linux with ext3 filesystems.
I have some client machines running rsync under Cywin, but I haven't checked
to see if they have the issue yet.


Trey Nolen

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