--exclude and --delete

andrew lister at pyroboy.com.au
Wed Feb 25 22:30:22 GMT 2004

Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Wed 25 Feb 2004, andrew wrote:
>>rsync -av --exclude "/user/profile/" --delete /home/user user at receiver:/home
>>This works as I expect, sender:/home/user/profile/ is not copied, except 
>>that receiver:/home/user/profile/ is deleted.
> Hmm, wouldn't the exclude need to be "/profile", as the exclude patterns
> starting with / are anchored at the top of the source tree, ie.
> /home/user ?  Or am I confused about the exclude patterns again :)

I'm pretty sure / refers to /home/... at least that's how it looks when 
using -v. In any case, the exclude is working OK for the copy, just not 
for the delete.


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