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Try rsync.exe --recursive /cygdrive/d/BILLS_CMS

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Darragh Sherwin
Sendt: 25. februar 2004 12:39
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Emne: Rsync under cygwin

I have rsync client and servers running under 3 Win2K boxes, and I can
sync when the source is remote and the target is local, but when the
source is local and the target is remote, I get the following error:

rsync.exe --recursive /cygdrive/d/BILLS_CMS rsync://

rsync: read error: Connection aborted
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at

And this is server's configuration file:

#PWB1 - Rsync.conf file

#These are the Global options for this server

#Message for any client connecting
motd file = /var/rsync.motd

#Log file for this server
log file = /var/rsync.pwb1.log

#Only the 2 other servers should be able to connect
hosts allow =

#Log everything
transfer logging = yes

#The format of the log file
#Format is :
#time [pid] op remote_host [remote_ip] module (user) file length
bytes_sent checksum
log format = "%o %h [%a] %m (%u) %f %l %b %c"

#No timeout
timeout = 0

#No directory listing
list = no

#This is module that can sync'ed against


#PATH to the module
path = /cygdrive/d/BILLS_CMS

comment = Bills Office Repository

Is there some error in the way the server is setup, so that the client
aborts, or is this a bug?

Darragh Sherwin Developer for Propylon
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