ssh and rsyncd.conf

Paul Slootman paul at
Wed Feb 25 09:54:01 GMT 2004

On Tue 24 Feb 2004, Jacque Mergens wrote:
> rsync -rsh="/usr/bin/ssh" filename host:/dir/filename
> But I am not able to perform this
> rsync -rsh="/usr/bin/ssh" filename host:module_name

No, because mdoules are only handled by the rsync daemon,
which is contacted via its own tcp port. Additionally modules are
indicated by a double colon "::module_name".  What you're telling rsync
above is to transfer to the directory module_name in your home directory
on "host".

> The client thinks that everything is going ok but the file never shows up in
> the target directory.

Check the home dir...

> How do I get rsync to transfer the files using the rules called out in the
> rsyncd.conf file while using ssh?

You'd have to forward the rsync port over an ssh connection:

    ssh -L8730: host

Then, (separately) use rsync like so:

    rsync --port=8730 filename localhost::module_name

and after the transfer stop the ssh session.

but that's a rather roundabout method...

Paul Slootman

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