www.cert.org ranked # 27 in Google for use your home computer and make money

Carrie Soefel soefel at karlsonsite.com
Mon Feb 23 19:16:07 GMT 2004

Hi there! Sorry for an e-mail out of the blue, but I just did a search for the term use your home computer and make money on Google and found www.cert.org ranked 27. Since I publish a related website about Business - Services (it's strictly informational, so I'm definitely NOT a competitor of yours), I'd like to link to your site.
My site is one of the best resources for info in our category. Because of this great info, I get a pretty decent amount of visitors...so if I link to you, your site should get some nice traffic as well.
I think you'll see that my site is pretty clean and high quality. I consider my site a good product, and I only request to link to other quality sites. I would ask that you also link to my site in exchange. So you know, I've already linked to you and will keep it there for a few days until I hear from you. If you're interested in swapping links for good, please reply back so I can get you all of the pertinent information.
Carrie Soefel
RAC IM: 617843.

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