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Mon Feb 23 11:33:05 GMT 2004

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 05:49:37PM -0800, you [Tarun Karra] wrote:
> I dont know about reparse points but.. I know some thing that works like
> this. Probably you guyz know this "St Bernard open file manager". I
> installed the trial version of this software on my windows box and
> mirrored the whole of C DRIVE. And Rsync mirrored each and every file
> inlcluding open files. I also read a while paper about how this works on
> the stbernard site and it said some thing similar to reparse points.

(As I already posted, I was thinking Volume Shadow Copy Service, not reparse

It seems Open File Manager 9.1 supports VSS:

But it's commercial. Duh.

The latter paper explains quite well what VSS is about.

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