Shell or rsync issue?

Aaron W Morris aaronmorris at
Fri Feb 20 20:46:23 GMT 2004

I ran across something I did not expect in rsync the other day.  If you 
want to sync the contents of a local directory to a remote directory, 
you would use something like this:

   rsync -rptv /local/directory/ user at host::module/remotedirectory/

The root of the sync is "/local/directory" and files are referenced as 
"file1", "file2", etc...

However, the reverse is not true.  This command:

   rsync -rptv user at host::module/remotedirectory/ /local/directory/

will sync the files using "/local" as the root and files are referenced 
as "remotedirectory/file1", "remotedirectory/file2", etc.  You can fix 
it with:

   rsync -rptv user at host::module/remotedirectory/. /local/directory/

(notice the ".") which is not a big problem, but not expected.

What is the root cause behind this?  Using rsync 2.5.7 on AIX 5.1.

Aaron W Morris <aaronmorris at> (decep)

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