mirror whole hard disk with rsync

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Thu Feb 19 15:48:23 GMT 2004

Dick - that doesn't answer the man's question.

mount the other drive say as "/backup"

rsync -ax --delete --force / /backup/

I think that will do it.

You might want to run a list of rsync commands on a list of directories 
if you are coppying a lot of files. I do the same thing where I back up 
critical files with one script hourly - other user files nughtly - and 
the system stuff manually after installing new software. I like doing it 
this way rather than raid 1 becaue if I screw up I can use rsync to undo it.

Dick Streefland wrote:

>On Thursday 2004-02-19 10:38, Ramón Oliver wrote:
>| I want to create an exact copy of a whole hard disk and to maintain this copy 
>| synchronised with the "original" one. The idea is to have a safe backup that 
>| allows me, in case the "original" disk fails, to change it by the "clone" 
>| disk and start the computer as if nothing had happened. The computer runs 
>| Linux.
>| I heard a good option for this purpose is to use dd to make the copy of the 
>| whole hard disk followed by rsync (launched via crontab) to synchronise the 
>| "original" and "clone" drives. rsync seems ideal for this task, but
>| How do I do that with rsync!?
>Why don't you use RAID-1?

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