Feature Request - Load Throttling

Dick Streefland dick.streefland at altium.nl
Wed Feb 18 09:40:37 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 2004-02-17 19:34, Marc Perkel wrote:
| What happens is that the server is cooking along just fine serving about 
| 2 million hits a day. Load level - according to top is running around 
| 0.6 to 2.3 or so - and then rsync kicks in doing a backup between the 
| drives and even though I'm running at nice +19 the load kicks up to 
| around 50 and several services almost stop. That's why I'm asking for 
| this feature.

I think your problem is saturation of the disk bandwidth. The high load
is just the result of that. Instead of watching the system load, it
would probably make more sense to throttle the amount of disk I/O.
Rsync could keep track of the number of bytes read/written from/to the
disks, and throttle that to stay below a certain avarage transfer rate.
In some situations, you may also want to throttle the network I/O, but
many systems already have provisions for that, e.g. traffic shaping.

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