Feature request: case insensitivity

Ethan Tira-Thompson ejt at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 17 05:58:25 GMT 2004

I sync files to a memory stick fairly frequently.  The memory stick 
uses a basic FAT format, which kills case.  What's more, on some 
platforms (Windows), the drivers make all filenames uppercase, whereas 
on others (linux, mac) all the filenames are lowercase.

So I currently have a script which will go through the source 
directory, rename all of the files to all upper or all lower case, and 
then run rsync.  Otherwise, rsync will try to copy some files every 
time, even though they haven't changed. (for obvious reasons - it 
thinks the filenames don't match)

It would make my life, scripts, and portability much easier if there 
was an option for rsync to treat files with the same name, ignoring 
case, to be treated as a filename match.

This seems like something that would be useful for the several other 
platforms which do store case, but ignore it for OS file matches.

(I did look around for any other references to this idea before I 


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