File walking issue?

Max Kipness mkipness at
Mon Feb 16 18:43:42 GMT 2004



I'm having an issue with one particular server and am hoping someone
here has dealt with this.


I'm not sure whether this is a strictly samba issue or relates to the
way rsync walks the file list.


Basically after mounting a Windows 2000 file system using and then
rsyncing the contents of this mount, it seems to take 5 - 8 hours to
complete. I've checked on the log periodically and determined that it's
the 'building of the file list' that is taking 95% of the time. We are
only talking about 140,000 files. I do many samba shares and not of them
have this issue. When doing a manual 'ls' command in various directories
on the mount, I encounter no slowness or anything out of the ordinary.
The samba log doesn't give much of a clue either.


Has anybody come across this? Or does anybody have any ideas of how to


Oh, and I'm using Rsync 2.6




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