Including Specific files n levels deep

Andrew Liles andrew.liles at
Sat Feb 14 08:52:24 GMT 2004

Thank you, yes the problem all a long has been no files were getting 
transferred; this is still the case with:

>Are all the files you want to process at the same depth?  If so,
>something very similar to what you suggested in your first post should
>work fine:
>% cat incl.txt
>+ /*/
>+ /*/Build
>+ /*/Build.out
>+ /*/Install*
>- *
>% rsync -tv --include=incl.txt /home/build/ /backup/build/

This solution does work, though.  My problem solved, thank you.

>Another solution that works at any level and only transfers the
>directories necessary to hold the files you want to transfer is:
>% cd /home/build
>% find . -name Build -o -name Build.out -o -name 'Install*' |
>     rsync -tv --files-from=- . /backup/build/

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