[PATCH] --one-file-system and automounter

Dick Streefland dick.streefland at altium.nl
Tue Feb 3 19:53:53 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 2004-02-03 10:15, Wayne Davison wrote:
| > BTW: Your message contained a "Cc: rsync at lists.samba.org", but I only
| >      received it directly from you, not via de mailing list.
| I got it via the mailing list, so I don't know why you didn't.  Perhaps
| you have a filter that eliminates duplicates (based on Message-ID)?

I also found the message in the archive, so it looks like a problem on
my side. I don't have a filter for duplicate messages on my machine, but
maybe there is one on the mail server for altium.nl. I will check that.

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