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You have reached the CGTA Gift Show Registration Department. I am sorry that I am unable to reply your e-mail as I am currently out of the office, onsite at the show.

The Registration Department will return to the CGTA office on February 02, 2004.

If you have pre-registered and have received a confirmation by fax or by e-mail, but not yet received your badge, you can pick it up at any Advanced Registration Desk at the show.

As all pre-registration deadlines have past, you can now register on-site at the show with a copy of your vendor’s permit/business license for the gift industry, and a personalized imprinted business card for every individual attending under your business name.

Please remember, the CGTA Gift Show is a trade show only and is not open to the general public.

If you would like to contact the show office of the Toronto Congress Centre, the phone number is (416) 244-3224.

If you would like to contact the show office of the Toronto International Centre, the phone number is (905) 678-4411.

For further information, please visit our website at

Thank you kindly,

Celia Oliveira
Registration Co-Ordinator

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