Timeout Issues

Stephen Schembri SPJ.Schembri at Virgin.Net
Thu Dec 30 23:23:07 GMT 2004

Hi Wayne,

Hope you have a Happy New Year and most of all, keep up the excellent

Slight issue with the timeout parameter when used or not used in the
rsyncd.conf file.

By default the timeout value is supposed to be 60 according to io.c, but
in loadparam.c it is stating a value of 0 - is this statement correct?

I am experiencing problems that when a process is forked, ( no timeout
declared ) and the Dial-up client abruptly disconnects the forked
process is never closed. I cannot replicate the problem when used over

If I declare a timeout value of "timeout=20" in the config file, the
value is ignored and the value of 60 seconds is always used.

If I instead declare the value in the command line when initiating the
daemon. ie rsync --timeout=20 --daemon. It all works fine.

I noticed that there is a TODO statement in the source io.c in the
read_timeout function !!

Not really a problem now since all is working fine by declaring the
value in the command line, but are my findings correct.

Thanking you in anticipation

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