wish: module max connections

daniele giacomini daniele at swlibero.org
Wed Dec 29 17:47:32 GMT 2004

I am not subscribed to the list, but I would like to post a wish for the
rsyncd functionality.

Currently, the option "max connections" allow to limit the sum of all
connections, but, it seems to me, that there is no way to get
something like a "module max connections".

The problem I have is that some people run rsync to my system with
cron, every day, but if the syncronization is not completed after a day,
another rsync is run in parallel, and that is not good.

I thounth to resolve the problem, making a module configuration for
every one who have to sync, but allowing only a single connection.
The result I get with "max connections = 1" is that only one connection 
is allowed, but I would like to allow a connection to the other.

I hope that I was able to explain what I mean.

Thank you for your attention.
If you want to answer to me, please remember to put my address inside
the CC filed. :-)

daniele giacomini - daniele (ad) swlibero.org

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