[Bug 1412] Bogus warnings with --backup --backup-dir=/path

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Thu Dec 23 17:00:42 GMT 2004


------- Additional Comments From bob at proulx.com  2004-12-23 09:59 -------
I do not believe this bug is completely fixed in 2.6.3.  I am still seeing many
errors of the type described.  Here is one example:

  rsync: mkdir
failed: File exists (17)

I admit to having a hard time recreating a test case manually.  The problem may
still be one between my chair and keyboard.  I see these errors as the output of
a nightly cron run.  But when I try to recreate the test case using smaller
cases things work as desired.  So I am mostly adding this as an informational
data point to this bug report because I am at wit's end.  It still appears to me
to be a problem with rsync.  But perhaps another set of eyes will see the root
cause of the problem.

I am using Debian woody with rsync-2.6.3-0.backports.org.1 from backports.org on
two of the machines exhibiting this problem.  On another machine with this
problem I am using HP-UX 11.11 with a self compiled version of rsync-2.6.3, but
compiled using the debian patches because I was lazy, so they might still be
coupled.  I will try a pristine source build to confirm or deny it.

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