very big rsync only worked partially what are size limitations?

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Dec 20 06:35:45 GMT 2004

On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 12:32:34PM -0500, mlaks at wrote:
> Since it takes a long time, and i am logging in via dialup, I don't
> see how to capture errors, particularly those at the other end...

I'd recommend using a program named "screen".  If you run the command
"screen -R -D -i" as soon as you log in it will either create a screen
session (if one is not already running) or attach to an existing one.
Then, you can run an rsync command, detach and logout (via Ctrl-A, 'D',
'D'), and then log back in later and see how things went.  I also
recommend changing the "escape" character that lets you type screen
commands from Ctrl-A to something else (I use Ctrl-\ these days).

> i have not figured out how to do this so that i can capture the error
> messages on destination machine...

You'll see an error message from the client rsync without having to
resort to such trickery if something goes wrong.  The "issues and
debugging" page on the rsync web site has an example script you can use
via --rsync-path should you need to do some debugging of a remote crash
(if the error returned by the client rsync only indicates that the
remote rsync went away without returning an error).

> How can i verify that i have rsync'd successfully with a second method
> other than just rsync again. 

That seem like the easiest way.  Otherwise, you could generate a list of
files via "ls -lR" on both machines and compare that.


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