cwrsyns - win2k won't start scheduled task

jonlists jonlists at
Mon Dec 13 23:36:06 GMT 2004

Have an environment where we're using rsync to do server to disk 
backups......  on the problem server - Win2k Server running a scheduled 
task with cwrsync installed. It has a script and should be backing up to a 
linux server (rsync to a directory, not a rsync server). 

However, the scheduled task never seems to start - I can come back to the 
server in a few days and find multiple rsync and ssh tasks running on the 
Win2k Server. 

I can run the script manually - and it will not ask for a password, as 
I've set the keygen and known/authorized host information for both the 
source and the target. 

I know I'm missing something silly, but cannot figure out what it is. 

Jon Johnston
Creative Business Solutions
IBM,Microsoft, Novell/Suse, Sophos Consultants
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