rsync working with root, but not with other users

Grant Carmichael grant at
Wed Dec 8 20:37:13 GMT 2004

Rsync version: rsync-2.6.3.tar.gz
OS: Fedora
Can anyone give me some pointers?  I can do and rsync fine when I'm root
on the client, but not as a non-root user..
This works:
/usr/local/bin/rsync --archive --verbose --recursive --links --rsh="ssh"
root at .
This does not:
/usr/local/bin/rsync --archive --verbose --recursive --links --rsh="ssh"
gcarmich at .
Dies with error:
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far)
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(359)
With a non root user, ssh will authenticate them, but then the rsync
process dies.  The gcarmich user has a link from
/home/gcarmich/rsyncd.conf to /etc/rsyncd.conf
Permissions on the servers rsync are:
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 1258281 Dec  8 09:52 /usr/local/bin/rsync
My config file looks like:
uid = nobody 
gid = nobody 
use chroot = no 
max connections = 5
syslog facility = local5
pid file = /var/run/
log file = /etc/rsync.log


        path = /home/gcarmich/test
        comment = Sendmail Files 
Permissions on the /home/gcarmich/test directory are:
drwxrwxr-x   2 gcarmich gcarmich 4.0K Dec  8 10:50 .
drwx--x--x  16 gcarmich gcarmich 4.0K Dec  8 11:05 ..
-rw-rw-rw-   1 root     root        7 Dec  8 10:50 one
-rw-rw-rw-   1 gcarmich gcarmich    4 Dec  8 10:39 two
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