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I have been given the task to mirror our fileserver's filesystem onto a 
secondary machine for redundancy. The first thing that came to mind was 
rsync, but now I have few questions as I am far from an expert on this 

Our file server is running Debian Stable. We use Samba for our Windows 
users and Netatalk (AFP) for our OS X clients. The filesystem used on 
the server is ReiserFS if that is of any intress. Since we keep a lot 
of fonts etc. on the disks, I am really conserned about the resource 
forks not being properly handled by rsync during backup or restore – 
this is critical!

So, through Google I noticed a couple of projects dedicated to patches 
or binaries of rsync which allowed for the safe keeping of resource 
forks – but these projects were targeted for OS X, not GNU / Linux. 
Hence, this e-mail to you all... I'm hoping someone out there can share 
their wealth of knowledge regarding this issue which I certainly cannot 
be the first one to encounter. Any solutions or workarounds would be of 
great help!

Thanks everyone!

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