How to fix the login name and password for a particular remote m/c

Ivan S. Manida Ivan.Manida at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 26 08:46:59 GMT 2004


shubhra dutt wrote:

> Hi Wayne,
> Sorry to disturb u again,
> but now i have one more very small problem.
> we need not to supply the password on command line
> everytime,
> when we will use rsync for transferring files from one
> m/c to another,i want to fix login name as well as
> passord for a particular m/c.
> I try out the option of seting the environment
> variable RSYNC_PASSORD and --password-file=FILE .
> but both of them is not solve my purpose.
> or may be i m not using them in proper way so kindly
> gave me ur suggestions regarding the login name and
> password.
> Thanks
> Shubhra
> --- Wayne Davison <wayned at> wrote:
>>On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 02:49:16AM -0700, shubhra
>>dutt wrote:
>>>when i rsync them to remote m/c the time-stamp of
>>>the file on remote m/c (which i transfered from my
>>>m/c) will change.
>>Use the -t option to preserve the timestamp from the
>>original and allow
>>rsync to avoid sending files that are already
>>up-to-date.  If you can't
>>do that, your only other option is to use -c (which
>>will be quite a bit
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