Identifying rsync errors programmatically

Jim Salter jim at
Tue Aug 24 14:06:07 GMT 2004

Can anyone give me a canonical list of all the possible rsync error 
messages?  I have a script which reads and parses the rsync verbose 
output with progress so as to output a rather more customer-friendly 
output and log during the process, and I'm having some difficulty making 
sure I successfully pass on all error codes WITHOUT passing through the 
occasional file that has "fail" or "error" in the name.

If anybody has already met this challenge and has a really good filter, 
or can just tell me what all the various rsync errors look like so that 
I can write one myself with confidence, it would be very helpful indeed.

... I would also humbly suggest STANDARDIZING rsync error outputs in a 
future version, so that perhaps they all begain with "rsync error: " or 
some other easily identifiable string.  Right now they're, well, all 
over the place.

Thanks all!

Jim Salter
JRS Systems

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