Question about suitability of rsync utility

Sai Nanduru snanduru at
Sun Aug 22 14:50:40 GMT 2004

Hi there,
I would like to ask a quick question to the experts on
this mailing list. If it has already been answered
please pardon me (and point me to the location where I
can view the answer).

I have a need to setup a mirror for an NFS file system
exported from a NetApp Filer device (based on BSD Unix
4.x) to a Sun server. About 100,000+ very small files
get written to this file system every day on the Sun
server. The file system size is roughly 1.0 TB
currently. Please let me know if "rsync" utility can
handle this kind of load (100,000 files) to setup
backup mirror (backup new files to an alternate
location every night). 

Thank you very much,

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