rsync with different filename character sets

Ralf Ebert ralf at
Thu Aug 19 10:48:21 GMT 2004


I have a problem with rsync. I couldn't find very much information about 
this issue, so maybe somebody knows a hint how I could figure out this 
problem. I want to rsync from a linux box (ext2 filesystem) to mac os x 
(hfs+ filesystem). Unfortunately, special characters (like umlauts) are 
handled different - linux uses unicode in my case, while os x seems to 
use another notation (standard character plus 2 characters for the 
"special" part of the character).
rsyncing between both works fine, except for the files that have special 
characters in them. They got synced the first time, but the second time, 
they get deleted and synced again all the time (rsync doesn't see it as 
the same file).

This wouldn't be such a big problem, but I want to set up incremental 
backups using hard links for saving disk space. As there are quite a lot 
of files using special characters, this would increase the necessary 
disk space a lot.

Thanks in advance...

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